Walther q5 compensator

This is clearly a PPQ all dressed up for production class competitive shooters. Its signature feature, however, is an optic mounting platform machined out of the top of the slide at the rear. Out of the box, it comes with a steel cover plate installed, into which the fully adjustable rear sight is dovetailed. The rear sight cover plate is quickly and easily detached by removing two hex head machine screws with the supplied Allen wrench.

Installing one of the three included steel mounting plates—one each for a Trijicon RMR, a Leupold Delta Point or a Docter red-dot optic—is as easy as reinstalling those two machine screws.

The Q5 Match is a big pistol, but not a heavy or bulky one. It measures 8. There is no magazine drop safety, meaning that it will still fire with the magazine removed.

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Walther rates the trigger pull weight at 5. And the trigger on our sample pistol was lighter, breaking cleanly at a consistent pull weight of 4 lbs. Total trigger travel measured 0. At the range there were no surprises. For testing from the bench at 25 yards we chose four brands of ammunition: Black Hills gr. JHP 1, f. All measurements below are center to center, rounded off to the nearest th of an inch.

The top accuracy performer was the gr. Sig V-Crown, with a best 5-shot group measuring 1. A close second place went to the Black Hills gr. Third place went to the Federal Premium gr. The Liberty Civil Defense gr. Bottom line, the Q5 Match is an extraordinarily accurate pistol that is easy and fun to shoot well.

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On Target Magazine. POF Revolution Pistol in. Wilson Combat. Apr 7, Advertising Privacy policy About Us Contact us.The sight sits directly on the slide without an adapter plate, giving it an extremely low profile. The Tungsten Gray frame enhances the overall appearance. The standard steel sight can also serve as a backup. Founded in in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, the Carl Walther company today is known for large-caliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities.

Additionally, it makes high-quality sporting weapons.

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In both of these areas it can look back on a tradition of excellent gunmaking going back now years. Carl Walther manufactures most of its weapons in the factory which it established in in Ulm, and it has its headquarters together with its parent company Umarex in Arnsberg.

walther q5 compensator

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Carl Walther GmbH Founded in in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, the Carl Walther company today is known for large-caliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities. Compare list 0. To compare Remove list.Guns of that ilk that come to mind include the CZ Shadow at the high end, Canik tp9sfx on the affordable side, and now Walther has thrown its hat into the ring, somewhere in the middle. While speaking with the factory representative there he asked if I had seen the pistol I had not and he put it into my hands.

It certainly looked like a performance machine and with a few dry presses I enjoyed the feel of the trigger action. The Q5 Match is specifically made for competitive shooting.

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It comes with three sizes of grip backstraps for proper fit to your hand. The comparatively long sight radius makes for easier accuracy and the slide cuts and ports removes weight, reducing the recoil impulse. It comes with and is ready to accept various red-dot optic mounts and the blue Q5 trigger is exceptionally smooth with a relatively short press travel 0.

The result is a very shootable and accurate system right out of the box. Since Walther went to the trouble to make it immediately ready for various red-dot optics, this is a pistol to consider specifically if you plan to run it with one.

Walther PPQ .45 ACP

Since adding a red dot to a pistol that was not built for that setup can introduce function anomalies, it makes sense to instead get a model made for it.

One enjoyable constant of shooting just about any Walther pistol is the grip ergonomics. I got to spend a couple of weeks with the Q5 Match and my hands enjoyed every minute of it. Mostly, though, shooting the Walther Q5 Match was an absolute pleasure. Even when shooting at a good pace—about four shots in 2 seconds—I was able to maintain quarter-sized groups of four at 7 yards and if I slowed down to 4 shots in 3 seconds I could put all 4 rounds in the same hole with relative ease.

Part of the reason for this easy accuracy has to be the excellent trigger. I love this trigger. The long slide extends further away from my hands than with most pistols I shoot, so I was unaccustomed to that much muzzle flip. Even with the slide cuts and ports, which did reduce the felt recoil, I thought, the end of the gun was moving far more freely than with more compact pistols.

One of the reasons for this muzzle flip is the fact that the Q5 Match lacks any sort of index point for the support-hand thumb. The sins of that flaw showed up when I started shooting the Q5 Match the way it was intended to be shot. I setup a target with 4 fist-sized circles at 7 yards and did runs of eight shots: quick pairs in each of the four circles, doing the full circuit in about 2 seconds.

My lack of practice with a longer slide and the lack of a forward thumb shelf combined to make it very difficult for me to maintain accuracy with each pair. As a result I never got the hang of the timing and grip management required to keep that second shot of each pair in close enough proximity to the first, for my taste.

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This is a race gun and it seemed a bit clumsy while racing. That issue aside, I found the pistol to be a pleasure to shoot. The model I used had only the iron sights, but I would really like to shoot this one with an RMR mounted. Walther has done a pretty fantastic job with this pistol.

That fact coupled with one of the three included backstraps means you can likely create just the right fit to your hand. My impression of the recoil impulse was that it was no worse than any full-size, 9mm, polymer pistol; perhaps lighter than most. What I did have a bit of an issue with, however, was muzzle flip.

Somewhat surprising, I think, is the fact that the Q5 Match has something of a meager capacity, at 15 rounds in the magazine. So while the slide length is 8. The magazine capacity can be augmented, of course, with extended slide plates, but I still wonder why Walther chose to go with 15 as the stock capacity.

The grip texture, however, is somewhat lacking in my opinion. Walther says the press has 0.Made from gun barrel certified steel and heat treated to RC for unmatched strength and longevity. We manufacture these barrels for discriminating shooters who demand the greatest degree of accuracy and long life from their Walther pistols.

Conventionally rifled for lead and jacketed bullets, with fully supported chamber. O-Ring installed on barrel threads to secure thread protector when firing. Multiple thread patterns available. We are working on barrels for the new Q5 Match Steel Frame and will list them on our website when available.

Select an option We thread barrels only after the barrel has been ordered and approximately every weeks. Barrels are threaded with thread information given to us by the purchaser. Once the barrel has been threaded it cannot be changed or canceled. If unsure of thread, contact the manufacturer of your barrel attachment or contact us at For instructions on sending your slide, please click here.

Slide only needed for barrel fitting. Order number must be visible on outside of package when shipped. We now offer custom PVD finish options. Walther barrels are now available in our standard black finish as well as silver and copper PVD coatings.

PVD Physical Vapor Deposition coatings are an extremely hard coating that offer aesthetically pleasing colors and increased lubricity. For colors, please see images at the top of the page. Your email address will not be published. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

View Cart. Rated 5.There was everything from full-blown competition guns to duty weapons, and even something for the budget-conscious shooter.

Receiving a total of 2, votes Want to find out the winners our staff chose? Taking the original Q5 Match to the next level, the SF model adds the recoil-mitigating weight of a steel frame for better control and faster follow-up shots.

walther q5 compensator

With its wraparound grips and easy trigger reach, the Q5 Match SF Pro felt as if it had been molded especially for my hand. The Tenifer-treated slide has lightening cuts to reduce weight and serrations on top to reduce glare. Aside from having a red fiber-optic front sight a green insert is optional and a fully adjustable, serrated rear sight, the slide is also pre-milled to accept miniature reflex sights. This seems to be more and more common these days, though not with every pistol in this club.

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Top 3 Walther Q5 Match Holsters of the Year:

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.By mstamperDecember 26, in Open Pistols. I am wanting to take it to the next level to run it in OPEN class and that would be to compensate the barrel somehow.

The Q5 has slide ports in it already and Mag-Na-Port will enlarge the top ports on the slide next to the front sight for about plus shipping. I have to send off the gun to them and will be without for several weeks or more.

I can order a Jarvis threaded drop in barrel and a Lone Wolf 2 top hole compensator for about Both are good solutions. I am interested in learning from those who have ported or comped their Q5 AND shoot competition what your pros and cons are for each.

I am sure Magna porting would be valuable in some pistol hunting applications with much larger calibers. Regardless of what you do, you will be at a disadvantage in shooting open minor. Good luck to you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I love to shoot. I am ok with the division.

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I honestly think I can be a solid middle B shooter as the gun sits. I think I can get to a high B with comping the gun I am a middle C now but only have 4 qualifiers so far after being out of the game for 20 years.

I don't know if the magnaporting will keep the muzzle flat, but it will help. With the Lone Wolf 2 hole comp, you might have to use ammo with a reasonably strong recoil impulse to get the gun to cycle, according to Lone Wolf.

If they have enough chamber support, they should do fine. You can buy 9 Major factory ammo from a couple of ammo manufacturers, if desired. This, along with a better compensator, would allow you to shoot Major in Open, if you decide to go that route. But knowing if the Jarvis barrel will handle 9 Major is good information to have even if you don't decide to take advantage of it.

I did not think about asking about if the Jarvis barrel will handle 9 major. Thanks for that idea! There is another user on the walther forums that uses the 2 port comp and put a 13 spring on it and it runs fine. I will message Jarvis. I've never seen any magma porting worth a nickel.Breaking boundaries and shattering expectations. The Q5 Match is superior performance taken to the next level through heightened functionality and a relentless determination to deliver precisely what the experienced shooter demands.

The real competitive edge begins here. This platform allows you to maximize the accuracy, power, and speed necessary to dominate the competition completely! A modern work of art in its own right, the slide is outfitted with features previously found only on custom handguns. It is ported and optic ready, with LPA sights as well as front and rear serrations. The interchangeable backstraps allow you to tune your grip, giving you a perfect, straight-back trigger pull.

walther q5 compensator

This adjustability also provides access to the magazine and slide releases without shifting your hand. Designed for right and left-handed shooters, the Q5 Match features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible button-style magazine release. Experience it for yourself today. Skip to content.

A high performance option for every situation. Look through all of the great content that WaltherArms.

Q5 Match M2. Q5 Match M1.

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